Hubub! 10/07/2022

My new CD, Hubub! will be released by Summit Records on October 7, 2022!  The quintet is me on piano, John Bailey/trumpet, Jeff Lederer/sax, Dick Sarpola/bass, and Greg Joseph/drums.   Guests are Jim Mola/vocal and Katie Jacoby/violin.   Stay tuned to this website for soundclips, reviews, etc!

New CD: Clowns Will Be Arriving

My fourth CD, Clowns Will Be Arriving, was released by Summit Records on January 13, 2015. Check out this page for audio samples and reviews!

  1. I Dream of Jeannie by Hugo Montenegro
  2. Get Smart by Irving Szathmary
  3. Clowns Will be Arriving by Ted Kooshian
  4. Three Clowns by Wayne Shorter
  5. Koko by Ted Kooshian
  6. Christmas Day, My Favorite Day music by Ted Kooshian, lyrics by Michael Andrew
  7. Mannix by Lalo Schifrin
  8. Skylark by Hoagy Carmichael
  9. Lost in Space by Johnny Williams
  10. Porkypine by Ted Kooshian
  11. I Scare Myself by Dan Hicks
  12. Ignatz by Ted Kooshian
  13. When You Wish Upon a Star by  Leigh Harline


Ted Kooshian – piano + electric keyboard + all arrangements • Jeff Lederer – flute, soprano+tenor sax • Cliff Lyons – alto sax • Pete McGuinness – trombone • Mat Jodrell – trumpet • Wilbur Bascomb, Tom Hubbard, Morrie Louden – bass • Dave Silliman, Warren Odze, Scott Neumann – drums + percussion • Paul Livant – rhythm guitar • Napoleon Murphy Brock – vocal • Jim Clouse – recording, mixing + mastering