Underdog, and Other Stories…

Track List

  1. Underdog, by Stover, Biggers, Covington, Harris
  2. Aja, by Walter Becker, Donald Fagen
  3. Time Was, by Miguel Prado
  4. Sanford and Son, by Quincy Jones
  5. Popeye, by Sammy Lerner
  6. Baretta, by Dave Grusin
  7. Wild Wild West, by Richard Markowitz
  8. Purple Gazelle, by Duke Ellington
  9. God Give Me Strength, by Burt Bacharach, Elvis Costello
  10. Odd Couple, by Neal Hefti
  11. Powerhouse, by Raymond Scott
  12. Breakfast at Tiffany’s, by Henry Mancini
  13. Little Lulu, by Kaye, Wise, Lippman