TED KOOSHIAN’S STANDARD ORBIT QUARTET/Underdog and Other Stories: You might quibble with the a&r on the songs here but you aren’t going to argue with the playing and you aren’t going to argue with a cat that puts together a cd with a song list that plays out like the play list in your head when you’ve had too many with the gang. Mixing cartoon and tv themes with Mancini, he at least takes the trouble to blunt the comparisons to Raymond Scott wackiness by including “Powerhouse” and heading you off at the pass. This piano man and his pals probably knock back too much of the same stuff the rest of us do, but they know how to play and got it done first. Great pop culture/jazz silliness that the world could desperately use a shot in the butt of right now. Hip, hip, hooray for musical insanity done right.

by Chris Spector – Midwest Record (2009)